Aleksander "Guardian Angel"

Telepath/ Telekenitic teen with a heroic agenda


affiliations Solo d6 Buddy D10 Team D8
Unwanted Power
Young and Powerful
“Because I ought”

Power set: mind over matter
Durablity (10) Flight (6) Telekinesis (10)
sfx: unleashed; constructs; Absorption (kinetic)
Limits: Exhausted Conscious activation “mutant”
Power set: mind in matter
Telepathy 10
stamina 8
Specialties: Medical Expert Psychology Master
Instill Hope
1 xp when shrink away from being recognized
3 xp accept being a hero/accolade
10 xp when appear publicly as a hero
The world needs Heroes
1xp when work with local authorities
3 xp when choosing to work with other heroes
10 xp found/reject being on a Team


Aleksander "Guardian Angel"

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