Cyborg made to kill; choosing to be a Hero!


Affiliations: Solo d8 Buddy d6 Team d10

  • Distinctions:* “I’m booting up;” Cybernetic Mistake; Machine’s Best Friend
    Power set Cybernetic Implants
    Superhuman reflexes 10 Computer Communication 10
    Enhanced Strength 8 Invisiblity 8
    SFX sound dampening pp to keep effective reflexes using firearms 2d10; computer Infiltration 2d10

Limits: Mutually exclusive / conscious activation

Power set support systems
stamina 6 Durability 8 memory back up 6
Stamina= power recovery mode shut down becomes 12 when active
Specialties :
Master electronics Master Marksman Expert Mechanic Expert Combat Expert Gunsmith expert Stealth
Darkened and Unexplained resolve
1 xp save a civilian at the cost of yourself
3xp Defeat a Villain
10xp. Discern yourself as a hero

Super computer extrodinaire:



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